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DONATE & HELP: Charity Purifies Wealth

It is hard to promote a cause, which of late, is not popular or attractive. Globally, Muslims are viewed with suspicion due to actions of a small number of extremists.
If you look at the entire worldwide Muslim population, they are no different from other people with their instincts and their general approach to do what is right for their families and communities.
The approach and leadership has placed them in a situation where they do not understand what had elevated their predecessors to greatness and what they currently lack.

Education is one factor that will push them in the right direction.

Charity is a strong ladder of their faith.

Combining the two and making a difference, however small, is the purpose of this organization.

Please join us, donate and suggest useful activities to promote this culture.

Donate Now:
Please send your Donations to:
Osmani Family Foundation of Illinois
1902 W. Ashbury Lane

Inverness, IL 60067. USA

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