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The Osmani Family Foundation of Illinois was established in 2007 to honor the memory of Hamid and Zubeda Osmani (pictured below).
Hamid Ali Osmani was a distinguished lawyer, known for defending indigent clients. His wife, Zubeda Khatoon Osmani was among the first women to receive her PhD from Osmania University in Deccan, India. She was a Scientist at Regional Research Laboratory in Hyderabad.

Hamid and Zubeda were proud and dedicated parents of four children, Basith, Rashid, Arshad and Humaira. The values they bequeathed include commitment to learning, strong work ethic, honesty and community welfare. The Osmani Family Foundation of Illinois will perpetuate these values for their benefit in the hereafter.

Promoting Education among Muslims is the prime goal of this organization. The effort undertaken on this part may be minuscule, but it highlights the effort on the part of members directly impacted by this belief. Muslim education on a global scale needs help (please see the section on this website). 

Basic Information

The Osmani Family Foundation of Illinois is a 501(c)(3) organization.

The Organization files IRS filing 990-PF

EIN: 260226100
Reg #: 01054185

Mailing Address:

1902 W. Ashbury Lane

Inverness, IL 60067

Phone #: 847-414-1640


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