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  • Muslims have 5.6 years of schooling on the average, worldwide.

  • 40% of Muslim adults have no formal schooling.

  • Muslim women lag men by a year and a half in schooling

  • Compared to Christians, Muslims have 36% less formal schooling and the average is going down.

According to current demographics, Muslims are the second largest religious population in the world with 1.6 billion people, per Pew research. They are also trending to become the largest population in a few decades. More than 50 countries have a majority Muslim population.
If we currently look at how Muslims behave and are organized worldwide, it is very saddening. There is a lot of in fighting among Muslim countries and the population itself is among the least organized, educated and falling further behind all other groups. This conflicts with the original aims and projections for the religion. In earliest recorded history, Muslims were urged to educate themselves, learn new things to make humanity prosper under the guidance of divine law. For several hundred years in history, Muslims ruled the world and lived up to original expectations before starting to slide down.
As founders of this foundation realized, education is one of the keys to reversing the trend. It gives people the ability to think and channel their thoughts for improving themselves and others around them. The extent of help a foundation such as this can endeavor on a global scale is at best case, pretty minimal. The idea goes beyond the differences it makes, by inspiring similarly minded people to come forward and do the same. The concept of education would henceforth be revived for Muslims and they can become full participants in global development and the ensuing happiness.

What can I do?


  • Please get involved.

  • Let this be an act of charity on your part

  • There is nothing more noble than helping others

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