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All decisions regarding Osmani Family Foundation of Illinois are taken by the Executive Director, with support from the Board of Directors (Pictured Below):

  • Basith Osmani, MD

  • Rashid Osmani - Executive Director

  • Arshad Osmani, PhD

  • Humaira Saiyed, MD

  • Jana Osmani

  • Haroon Osmani, MD

  • Irfan Osmani, MD

In 2017, the bylaws were modified to introduce a membership category. The following are new members:

Sameena Osmani, Zohra Osmani, Sophia Osmani, Saba Osmani, Haroon Osmani, Imran Osmani, Irfan Osmani, Faizan Osmani, Jessica Scott-Osmani.

Haroon Osmani and Irfan Osmani were elected to the Board of Directors.

Total Financial Assets

> $150,000.00

Donations Given Out
Board of Directors:
Arshad .jpg
Key Beneficiaries
  • Zaytuna College, C

  • UMMA Center, IL

  • HDF, Chicago, IL

How Money is raised and spent:
  • Funds have been raised by contributions from the current Board of Directors. Except for a year in the past when an outside contribution was accepted.

  • Donations have been targeted to organizations that are at the forefront of helping needy students.

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